Konfer Confidence Cloud


Konfer Confidence Cloud achieves confidence in AI


Elevate Traditional AI/ML Development Life Cycles into Trusted AI/ML Development Life Cycles


Provide a verification, visibility, and trust management framework

Visible and Transparent

Operationalize AI Trust With Konfer Confidence Cloud

Konfer Confidence Cloud operationalizes trust of AI applications for organizations delivering on their digital initiatives. Konfer Confidence Cloud maps, measures, and manages your AI powered applications across all stages of solution development, deployment and production, elevating trust.

To operationalize the principles of trust, Konfer Confidence Cloud offers a rich set of capabilities including:



KonferKnowledge is the repository of all AI software assets and associated attributes, including AI/ML applications, models, feature stores, and data.

Digital Initiatives exist across multiple organizations – product engineering, sales, marketing, finance etc. The KonferKnowledge graph is the single source of truth about all the AI applications, where they exist, what resources they depend upon, and share; and what metric and KPIs they influence for the organization.

Konfer Confidence Cloud automatically discovers, aggregates, and builds the relationships between the assets in addition to collecting all the dynamic information that is generated as the applications drive business results. KonferKnowledge can be queried and searched, allowing multiple stakeholders to have the same view of all AI powered applications. The Transparency delivered by the Konfer™ Knowledge Graph is the foundation for creating trust across AI applications in use.



KonferConfidence is a quantitative measure that enables businesses to profile and measure AI/ML applications on performance, robustness, privacy, compliance, and regulatory risk factors. Scores are computed using metrics and observations that are aggregated over time and available in detail as a part of the following information cards.

  • Application Cards contain the metrics such as business impact, customer reach, ethical considerations, regulatory requirements, regulatory compliance, governance, privacy, and security.
  • Model Cards contain evaluation of AI/ML models in a variety of conditions, and incorporate results of tools that measure performance, bias, transparency and fairness of models.
  • Data Cards provide the dataset information on the process of creating, distributing, and maintaining a dataset, including any underlying assumptions, potential risks or harms, implications of use and adherence to data governance and privacy guidelines


KonferTrust generates operational alerts and reports; integrates with an organization’s service management and collaboration systems like Slack for the stakeholders to be alerted to noncompliance, automatically documenting the compliance status of AI/ML applications, models, and data to internal and external guidelines, standards, and directives with help of Konfer Confidence Scores and Cards.

Why Konfer Confidence Cloud

By operationalizing Trust of your AI framework using Konfer Confidence Cloud, you can avoid unintended consequences and compliance challenges that are not only harmful to businesses, but also could result in security, legal, regulatory, and financial troubles. Konfer Confidence Cloud increases trust of AI-powered decision making, allowing your organization to reap various competitive advantages including the following:

Business Continuity
Improved Collaboration
Increased Regulatory Confidence

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