Konfer is the ONLY product to abstract Al compliance and conformance requirements into measurable controls.

If your company is governed by any of the key compliance laws, Konfer can bring visibility into all your AI assets and help you mitigate any potential risks as you develop AI products.


Konfer Confidence Cloud

Konfer Confidence Cloud achieves confidence in AI


Elevate Traditional AI/ML Development Life Cycles into Trusted AI/ML Development Life Cycles


Provide a verification, visibility, and trust management framework

Visible and Transparent

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The End-to-End Trust Management System Leader

Konfer automates mapping of your AI systems so all stakeholders can easily determine and evaluate the various facets of AI that can generate business risks and manage their business metrics with confidence.



Get a global view of your AI and ML assets and controls as they proliferate.

With a unified view and shared understanding of AI inventory, all stakeholders can collaborate more effectively to identify high risk applications on which controls have to be applied and risk mitigated.



Aggregate the use and outcomes of all AI assets in the inventory subject to controls.

Konfer evaluates AI solutions with industry defined standards, guidelines, and quantified factors such as fairness, robustness, security, and performance to estimate your exposure to additional business risks.



Drive actions by reports, incidents, and cases.

With complete visibility of AI assets and the knowledge graph, all stakeholders can manage their business metrics as outcomes of a trusted AI solution.

Supports the freedom of choice
in a growing AI ecosystem


Why Konfer Confidence Cloud

By operationalizing Trust of your AI framework using Konfer Confidence Cloud, you can avoid unintended consequences and compliance challenges that are not only harmful to businesses, but also could result in security, legal, regulatory, and financial troubles. Konfer Confidence Cloud increases trust of AI-powered decision making, allowing your organization to reap various competitive advantages.

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Business Continuity
Improved Collaboration
Increased Regulatory Confidence

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Who We Are

At Konfer, we believe that Responsible AI and Ethical AI can be achieved by operationalizing Trust first.

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